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Offers in Glashütte

Industrial Heritage
Baruther Glashütte

Glass - History - Craftsmanship - Art - Sports - Recreation

The Baruth glassworks were founded in 1716. Until 1980, glassblowers produced lampshades and bottles. Today, the ensemble of factory buildings and workers’ dwellings is a monument that conveys the spirit of the 19th century.

In the museum the visitors can experience the manufacturing of glass. The glassblower offers the opportunity to try it oneself, e.g. to blow a glass globe. The furnace is to become a forum for artists, too.

The expositions cover the history of the location and aspects of industrial culture and glass design. Special expositions make a repeat visit worthwhile. The former cutting shop focuses on the history of the thermos bottle. The inventor of the vacuum flask, Reinhold Burger, was born in Glashütte and contributed to technological progress in many ways.

The art gallery shows expositions of contemporary art of the Berlin-Brandenburg region. Craftsmen and craftswomen have established little shops all over the former industrial settlement.

Pedagogical programs include guided tours of the museum and nature area. Pottery, textile, and herb workshops offer creative manual activity.

Festivities, expositions, and lectures are held throughout the year in the museum park. The Christmas market on the first Advent weekend and the children’s festival in August are only a few of the highlights.

The historical factory inn has become the gastronomical center of the site once again. Today, the historical school is a family hotel with a naturally cleansed swimming pool.

The Glashütte monument is an ideal base for excursions in the vicinity, either by foot or with inline skates. A new skating course from Klasdorf train station to the museum village enables inline skaters to spend the day in sport activity.

View of Glashütte --->

1 Grinding workshop, 1894, Thermos Museum
2 Glassworks, 1861, Glass Museum
3 Gas generator, 1861/1954
4 Parking lot for busses
5 Visitors WC
6 Smithy, etching workshop
7 Packaging house/mould shop
8 Firefighters depot
9 Art shop
10 Packaging house 1904/gallery, shop
11 Packaging house 1875/archives, shop
12 Coal depot, glass shop/bike and skate lending
13 Glassworks, 1844
14 Bowling alley
15 Inn, beer garden
16 Guest rooms
17 Baking oven
18 Gamekeeper’s house, 18th c.
19 Director’s house
20 Ducal stables
21 Former glassworks, 18th c.
22 School, 1853, family hotel, pool
23 Workers’ dwellings, 19th c.
24 Former glassworks, 18th c.
25 Forester’s lodge, herb shop
26 Forest barn, pottery workshop, café
27 Baking oven
28 Workers’ dwellings, renovated
29 Barn
30 Grocery shop, 20th c.
31 Workers’ dwellings
32 Bachelor dwelling
33 Former smithy
34 Railway car, tracks
35 Workers’ dwellings, fashion shops, antique shop
36 “Red castle” workers’ dwellings

Opening hours
Tues-Sun, April - Oct. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. / Nov.-March 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Closed Mondays
Guided tours: Tel. 033704/980914

Getting there by car
A13 Berlin-Dresden, exit 5b "Baruth"
B96/115 Baruth-Golßen, exit Klasdorf
Getting there by train
DB RE5 Berlin-Elsterwerda, Klasdorf or Baruth station

Horse carriage: Tel. 033704/61454
Bus transfer: Tel. 0170/2101295

Parking lots at the entrances of the villiage
Disabled people find parking space within the Glashütte monument

Museum Baruther Glashütte/Verein Glashütte e.V.
Hüttenweg 20, 15837 Baruth-Glashütte
Tel. 033704/980914, Fax 033704/980922
e-mail: info(at)museumsdorf-glashuette.de/www.museumsdorf-glashuette.de

Factory inn Gasthof Reuner: Tel. 033704/67065/-66
Museum Hostel with swimming pool: Tel. 033704/67473
Skate an bike station: Tel. 033704/980936
Glass manufactory: Tel. 033704/980914
Gallery Packschuppen: Tel. 033704/66060
Glass shop: Tel. 033704/980936
Glass blower: Tel. 033704/66011
Pottery and café: Tel. 033704/61889
Wool shop and manufactory: Tel. 033704/67933
Herb shop: Tel. 033704/65396
Antiquity store: Tel. 033704/67909
Paper manufactory: Tel. 033704/67912
Fashion taylor: Tel. 033704/67747

Additional offerings: playing grounds, nature inventory path and meeting rooms